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10/7/2016 Sampan ‘Warrior Class’ reveals cost of political stardom [More…]

6/10/2016 Sampan Asian American Commission hosts Unity Dinner to honor pioneers [More…]

6/1/2016 Sampan Representative Chan files legislation to provide full dental coverage for senior citizens [More…]

5/27/2016 Sampan Roger Lau speaks up for all Americans as Sen. Warren’s chief of staff [More…]

5/21/2016 The Enterprise REP. TACKEY CHAN, Quincy: First Asian American caucus formed in Mass. House of Representatives [More…]

4/27/2016 Patriot Ledger Asian-American workshop, listening session set for Saturday in Quincy [More…]

4/14/2016 Sampan Chinatown Resident Association celebrates spring banquet [More…]

4/13/2016 Sampan Human resources platform Liepin hosts career fair on April 10 [More…]

2/11/2016 Patriot Ledger Overt racism fades in Quincy, but resentment of Asians lingers [More…]

1/08/2016 Sampan Asian American local politicians work to overcome stereotypes [More…]